Simplicity of Craps

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Since the early time people have tried their luck and fate in gambling. Who would think that their experience would end up being rewarding? One of the most popular games was craps. Craps is said to go back to the Middle East or Arabia, where the first players of craps have been discovered. It’s a […]

First steps at online Craps

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online craps

If the game of Craps is new to you, the first thing you should do is study some basic rules, methods and formalities such as software download. You should also know some initial strategy in order not to be at your wits’ end. Luck is luck, but the knowledge of how the game is played […]

The initial strategy at Craps

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It’s believed that the house edge against players is rather small at craps when you refer to a correct strategy. Actually, you can combine winning with fun as many players do. The history of craps strategy goes back to 1500 B.C. Long time has passed but the meaning of the craps strategy is never underestimated. […]