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Slotris, online casinos, gambling news, online gambling has announced another winning which comprised $80,000 and was won at the game of Slotris. As it’s known, somewhat a month ago this huge jackpot was finally taken away by a lucky winner. ‘MARMOTLUV’, that’s the player’s name, was incredibly happy to gain 80,369 dollars playing the Slot machine (a Tetris-like game).

The winner admitted that his favourite game back in the childhood was Tetris, and no wonder, he fell in love with this new Slotris game, situated at He also added that this winning is the most significant prize he has ever had. He has been a Slotland’s client for quite a long time but he could never expect himself winning eight thousand dollars at a go.

According to the statistics, progressive jackpots are won every six weeks with an amount not excessing $150,000. However, there are exceptions, when jackpots are won more frequently. They shared that once they had six jackpot winnings in a row. explained that when a player chooses progressive slots to play at and when he makes his bet, a part of this bet gets transferred to a special progressive jackpot pool. The more players make their bets, the bigger the pool gets. It keeps going until someone hits it rich.

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