How to buy a used Slot machine?

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slot machines, online gambling, online casinos, gambling tips This article is meant for those who are interested in buying used slot machines for various purposes. You can purchase used slot machines in Las Vegas, there are many of those. Unfortunately, you will have to spend a huge deal of time to buy a good one. What should you take into attention when purchasing a used Slot machine?

The first thing you are supposed to do is to check whether the company you chose as a Slot machine seller has license to run their business. This way, you’ll avoid having problems with the government you don’t really want to have.

Then, make sure the machine you are purchasing is really Vegas-style but not a copy of it.

1. If the Slot machine accepts tokens but not real cash, it’s a knockoff.

2. Does the machine have the name of its manufacturer on it? Reputable Vegas-style machines usually do. If you can’t see the titles IGT or AGT, you’re probably facing a knockoff. Actually, knockoffs have the AGT letter on them, defining their quality.

3. Now, mind the price. Remember that even a used slot machine won’t cost you little money. If the machine you’ve chosen is cheap, that means it’s a copy.

4. Finally, find out what brand of the machine you are buying. Well-know slot machine brands are: Konami, IGT, Williams and Bally.

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