Spain is taking measures concerning the gambling law

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the gambling law, the gambling ban, online gambling The problem of gambling ban has spread all over the world. There is a list of countries that are criticized for their attitude to gambling. One of those countries is Spain, but the government is not into procrastinating, unlike the USA, and is ready to improve the situation concerning the gambling industry.

A week ago gaming regulators agreed upon creating two official groups that will take care of gambling regulation in Spain. The process of correcting gambling was set up in year 2007.

Lawmakers came to the conclusion (December, 2007) that only national laws could put things right in the gambling industry. The national laws were supposed to set limits for all casinos and bookmakers located In Spain.

Secretary General of the Ministry of Interior, Maria Angeles Gonzales admitted that now individual regions are challenged to come up with the new law, meet the new regulation.

Many meetings have been held, where the new measures were discussed. At one of those meetings held in Madrid, the LAE (Loterias y Apuestas de Espana, known as the national Spanish lottery operator) wasn’t present, which was a sort of astonishment for the other participants.

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