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keno, online gambling, gambling tips, online casino news The game of Keno can be also called lotto or lottery, because the rules are very alike. Eighty small balls are involved in the game. Each ball has its certain number. The player’s goal is to guess as more numbers drawn as possible. In a casino that comprises Keno, there is a special area for playing the game. It is usually equipped with big screens so that players can stay informed of winning tickets.

Keno is believed to take its beginning in China, aprox 2000 years ago. In the 18th century the game became well known in the United States of America, thanks to Chinese immigrants who worked as miners and railroad workers. It couldn’t but become popular as the rules are very easy and simple. A player can wage a little but hit a good reward.

A player should choose any 4 up to 10 numbers. Each selected numbers carries a name “Spot”, each ten selected numbers are called 10 Spot game. A player also gets a Keno ticket in which he marks his numbers, and gives it to the desk for wagering. A casino worker gives the player a duplicate ticket in return. In a while, 20 balls get drowned randomly. If the player marked enough numbers, he/she wins.
The minimum bet can be from 5 cents up to 1 dollar, depending on a casino.

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