Casinos are illegal in Russia

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casinos, gambling ban, gambling in Russia, gambling newsThere is a well known fact about poker gambling in Russia. According to the official ban, published by the Ministry of Sport, Tourism and Youth, poker games are allowed only in four remote areas. Within these zones poker players can play freely, without having a fear to be punished.

These places, mentioned in the Order 517, are the following: the Altai zone located in Siberia, Kaliningrad city situated on the Baltic Sea, Krasnodar and Rostov (the cities located in the South of Russia, 2014 Winter Olympics will be held there) and the fourth place is the Primorsky area, situated on the Pacific coast.

It all started in year 2006, when Vladimir Putin was still President of Russian Federation. He decided to take steps to decrease the rate of gambling addiction and clean out all criminal business involved in Russian gambling industry. Dmitry Medvedev, the current president of Russia declared that the government must not procrastinate with the problem of gambling. Now the Russians can see the measures that have already gone into effect.

Many casinos and bookmakers had to start to present themselves as poker clubs. And poker, according to their opinion, should be considered sport, like in some other countries. That gives strength to all casinos to fight against the gambling ban. 

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