gives a new promotion to its players

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online casino, casino promotion, casino bonuses, online gambling, known as a leader among online casinos, has declared its new cashback insurance feature. All players are supposed to receive up to $150 back monthly from each game they lose at.
The unique promotion is available at all casino games that are played at From now on players should be confident when taking part, as they will know that they will receive back a guaranteed amount of money in the end of each month in case they lose.

There is a special scheme for the promotion payout: players standing behind €50 will receive 5 Euros, those who went down by €100 will be awarded with ten Euros. But that’s not the end. has revealed that absolutely all players will be promoted. Those who are behind by €250 will receive €25 Euros back while those players who lost up to €500 will receive a €50 euro promotion. And finally, players standing behind €1,000 each month will be given €150 back as a casino promotion.

Dave Ulliott was interview and asked his opinion on the cashback insurance the casino gives to its players. He thinks that this new bonus ranks above all other allied bonuses. The cashback insurance shows that respects his loyal players and is always ready to support them. If a player doesn’t have enough luck monthly, the casino will cheer him up with this unique insurance.

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