Pokerbot-friendly sites are invited

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online poker, pokerbots, poker rooms, online gambling is a website operated by a single person. It has invited all websites throughout the web to take part in a competition. Most pokerbot-friendly sites will be winners according to a survey. has also declared that new sites with a texas hold’em poker game will be judged by their clients and the winner will be awarded $10,000. But there is a time limit: only those sites will be able to participate, which open between August and December 14.
For reference, pokerbots are computer programs developed for an automatic play in poker games. But the problem is that most poker rooms do not define pokerbots as real players. said that the winner will be able to get a status of legitimate players for their pokerbots. That means these pokerbots will be allowed to play at the same tables with real poker players.

Pokerbots are very convenient for enthusiastic poker gamblers. They have lots of advantages. The first advantage is that pokerbots can play at a bigger number of tables. It’s really hard to play even at two tables for an ordinary person, as he won’t be able to concentrate on the game switching between two windows. That means such player can be easily beaten. The second crucial advantage is that pokerbots can play more hands at once.

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