Cheating at Blackjack II: Player cheating

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blackjackIn the first part of the article I described several ways of cheating performed by casinos. Now let’s see how players tend to cheat casinos back.

Grasping chips: Many players may try to grab your chips and succeed at it. Do you think that it is quite impossible? You are mistaken. Your chips are usually placed in front of a player in a pail. So a player sitting next to you can steal some of your chips without you noticing. The solution is simple – don’t let any player come very close to you and never stop keeping an eye on your chips.

Alcohol: Another reason why player lose their precious chips is alcohol. If you don’t mind having a shot, be careful and do not exaggerate. Being drunk always plays into other players’ hands, and they may easily take your chips away. Some casinos prohibit drinking during Blackjack games, while others offer alcoholic drinks but might ask you to leave a game in case you’re already unconscious.

Technological tricks: Some technological gadgets (toe-operated) let players to use a card counting system, which leads to winnings, of course. What is more, players may send each other special signals electronically. It’s clear that sometimes a casino cannot control the cheating.

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