Online gaming statistics astonishes!

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A new detailed study of the online gambling market has been conducted by Marco Felice Baranzelli. He notes that the growth of online gaming hasn’t reached its peak.

The year 2007 shows a sharp number of the global gaming yield – $328.5 billion. However, online gaming including lotteries average about 4.8 percent of the total.

It’s known that online gambling has become extremely popular over the last few years and it’s thought to grow wider over a short while. Online gambling is available for anybody who has Internet connection. There are neither geographical nor social boundaries on the Internet. That easy access is believed to be the main reason of the growth of online gambling

In fact, online sports betting does not lack the popularity, thought online casino and poker are always on top. An average estimated mark of the online sports betting market is stated to be $ 4.8 billion, which means a 19 percent upturn since the year 2000.

As for online poker, in 2007 it held a 107 percent raise compared to the year 2004 and is predicted to be grown by 16 percent by 2012.

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