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This article is going to be about online casino bonuses. Lately a great number of online casinos suggesting various alluring bonuses has appeared on the Internet. That’s why a player may get confused easily while choosing an online casino that best suits him. After reading some notices on the gambling casino bonuses a player will get an idea of what they are like.

‘Welcome bonuses’ are first on the list. Such bonuses as the name states welcome clients to the casino. These particular bonuses usually include sign up bonuses and ‘match bonuses’. Sign up bonuses are equally good either for casino owners or players. Paying a player for joining up their casino entices him and other to visit the site and be its participants. Basically most of the bonuses look too good to be true but that does not mean you should avoid checking the website up.

Another kind of bonuses is a ‘monthly bonus’. After joining a website a player gets monthly bonuses once per month. That makes the player go back to the online casino and play there again. But the thing is that a participant has to replenish his account in order to activate the monthly bonus.

And the last type of bonuses will be ‘payment method bonuses’. A player gets the bonus if he uses a particular payment system the casino is interested in, but not the one he’d like to use.

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