Virgin Island Casino

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  Virgin Island Casino seems like ordinary online casino, but it differs from other casinos with flash-software and download software. It’s remarkable, that starting pages of VIC site attract attention of visitors by their uniqueness and creativity. Moreover, you can find all information about rules of games in that site, so it’s a fair play […]

How to buy a used Slot machine?

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This article is meant for those who are interested in buying used slot machines for various purposes. You can purchase used slot machines in Las Vegas, there are many of those. Unfortunately, you will have to spend a huge deal of time to buy a good one. What should you take into attention when … announces another big winner

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Slotris, online casinos, gambling news, online gambling has announced another winning which comprised $80,000 and was won at the game of Slotris. As it’s known, somewhat a month ago this huge jackpot was finally taken away by a lucky winner. ‘MARMOTLUV’, that’s the player’s name, was incredibly happy to gain 80,369 dollars playing the Slot machine (a Tetris-like game). The …

Blackjack: dealer standing strategy

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Online gambling in Spain and Latin America

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Spain is taking measures concerning the gambling law

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The problem of gambling ban has spread all over the world. There is a list of countries that are criticized for their attitude to gambling. One of those countries is Spain, but the government is not into procrastinating, unlike the USA, and is ready to improve the situation concerning the gambling industry. A week …

Why it’s important to play at the best online casinos

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To start with, it’s your own choice to play at any casino you like, but it’s not a great thing to get stuck to the first casino that looks more or less respectable. It can be very dangerous as the gambling industry is huge, enormous! Each day some new casinos appear on the internet …

Winning tips for Keno

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A game of Bingo makes your life longer!

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A game of Bingo has been criticized a lot, especially by those people who lost thousands of dollars in this game. However the latest medical researchers have told a different story. Looks like one of the ways to longer life and longer youth has been found. Bingo games turned out to be good for …

Blackjack: get started with some simple steps

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